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What happens when you call Sistercare?

Here’s a first hand account of a survivor who recently reached out to Sistercare for help.

Making the Call

It was scary when I even thought about calling the Sistercare service line.  It is hard for me to ask for help and it was hard to admit the abuse I was experiencing.  But I made my decision, called the service line, and the service line counselor asked how she could help me.  The counselor understood and believed me and really wanted to know what I needed.  She asked me if I was safe.

Understanding The Situation

Because I was in a safe place to talk, while my abuser had gone to the store, she asked what was going on with me.  She listened as I told her about the emotional abuse, name calling, put downs, threats, control, accusations and isolation, and about the physical abuse – hitting, pushing and strangulation.  I told her I thought I needed to leave him but had no where to go.

Help is Available

Then I asked the counselor how Sistercare could help me.  She gave me information about Sistercare’s emergency shelters and said they had room if I wanted to come to a shelter where I would be safe.  She also explained that Sistercare had a variety of other services in the community that included individual and group counseling as well as counseling for children who were exposed to domestic violence.  She told me that Sistercare had court advocates who could help with filing for an Order of Protection if I felt that was what I needed.

Getting You to Safety

The counselor explained how I could come to Sistercare.  The police assisted me in getting to the shelter, which is in a private location.   When I arrived at the shelter with some of my belongings, I was greeted at the front door by a Sistercare employee, introduced to shelter residents and staff, and began the process of completing intake information.  I was informed about the shelter program which provides individual and group counseling about domestic violence,offers court advocacy services, assists with resume writing and job preparation, and provides job and housing referrals.  I was taken on a tour of the shelter, brought to my room and introduced to my roommate.  At last, I was able to lay down to rest in a secure, quiet place.

I am in a safe space now, getting the help I have needed for a long time.

If you need help, please call 803-765-9428.

You may view a full list of our programs and services here.