Sistercare Survivor Story – Mariana

Mariana's Story

When Mariana* first met Tyrell*, there was a special connection. After dating for some time, Tyrell moved in with Mariana and her teenaged son. Yet the relationship was not what it seemed to be. Tyrell became increasingly aggressive, controlling and abusive toward Mariana. The intimate partner violence escalated one night when Tyrell came home and began to assault Mariana in the kitchen while she cooked dinner. In a fury of violence, Tyrell snatched Mariana’s cellphone and threw it across the room, leaving her with no way to call for help. He then began to kick her and beat her so that her eyes began to swell.

Still angry and on a rampage, Tyrell raced through the house to look for a weapon. With nothing to lose, Mariana crawled across the kitchen floor to search for her cell phone and call for help. Just after she dialed 911, Tyrell stormed back and knocked the phone from Mariana’s hands.  While hearing the abuse play out, the 911 dispatcher immediately sent law enforcement officers to Mariana’s address. Upon arrival and with ample evidence, the officers arrested Tyrell.

Later, Mariana sat in a local emergency room where a steel toe boot print marked her body and broken spirit. After giving her story to the hospital social worker, Mariana was referred to Sistercare’s Hospital Accompaniment Counselor.

Through Sistercare’s Hospital Accompaniment Response Team (H.A.R.T), a counselor meets domestic violence survivors in their toughest times. After speaking with Sistercare’s Hospital Accompaniment Counselor in the emergency department, Mariana was transported to a safe place at one of Sistercare’s shelters where she received counseling and court advocacy.

Mariana went to family court where she had the support of a Sistercare Court Advocate and the Hospital Accompaniment Counselor. Together, they worked to help Mariana through the legal process and ensure she had increased safety. After being granted an Order of Protection and using her survivor’s strength, Mariana and her son returned home without Tyrell’s abuse.

Becoming free of a violent and emotionally abusive intimate partner relationship is a process which takes time and ongoing support.  Mariana decided to address the abuse in her life, and today her life reflects the positive choices and changes she made for herself and her son.

If you or someone you know has suffered intimate partner violence, please call Sistercare’s 24/7 crisis line today at (803) 765-9428.

*Names have been changed to protect the survivor’s privacy.


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