Gaining Freedom from Violence

Heather's Story

Heather became involved with Sistercare when she petitioned the Court for an Order of Protection. Heather and her three children had lived in fear for years due to her abusive boyfriend, who is also the father of her children. Heather’s abuser threatened to take the children away from her and on one occasion, he threatened to kill them. Heather’s boyfriend was smart and able to avoid being charged with any crimes because he would always do just enough to scare or hurt her, but not enough to leave evidence of the abuse. Heather never believed her testimony alone would be enough to keep her abuser away from her. At the Order of Protection hearing, Heather testified and the attorney helped her provide the court the information needed to get a restraining order. Heather was able to get an order that not only kept her abuser away from her, but also kept him away from her children for a year.


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