Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
Sistercare provides telephone, digital, and in-person services to those who seek our assistance and
support our mission. The purpose of this privacy policy is to inform others concerning the information
we collect, how it is used, and how it is protected.
Participating in any of our services constitutes an agreement and understanding of our privacy policy.
Digital Services are defined as web-based chat, email, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, web-based
communication, and data collection platforms. If a digital service user thinks their safety is
compromised, they may opt-out of these services.

Personal Information
Sistercare collects demographic, regional, and other information to provide services and coordinate
care. Any identifying information obtained from digital services or non-digital services is only shared
when appropriate and necessary through client consent or as required by law.

Opt-Out Policy
All those accessing Sistercare services have the right to opt-out of any services when desired, practical
and necessary. This includes choosing not to participate in digital services and not providing identifying
information during interaction with staff. Those concerned with safety are encouraged to contact the
service line at (803) 765-9428.

Mandatory Reporting
Sistercare staff are mandatory reporters to authorities by law in cases of suspected maltreatment of
minors, threats to self or others, elder abuse, a medical emergency, or legal claims against the

Legal Disclosure
Sistercare may access personally identifiable information or disclose the information when release is
required by law or in good faith that such action is necessary to comply with legal processes.

Cookies are used when accessing digital services. Cookies are text files stored on a computer web
browser to identify a computer when it accesses a site. Disabling cookies is an option available to all
those accessing digital services; however, disabling cookies in the browser settings may make some
areas of the website not fully functional.

Donation of funds to Sistercare is supported by a third-party. The donor’s name, billing address, email
and donation amounts are shared through secure, encrypted means with a third-party payment process
completing the transactions. Credit card information is provided directly to and collected by PayPal.
Sistercare does not retain or see full credit card information. The terms of processing donations are
based on the agreement with the designated payment service and not with Sistercare.

Sistercare has implemented, to the best of its ability, appropriate security protocols and procedures to
help protect any personal information provided. All digital services are protected by industry standard
best practices such as strong passwords, SSL encrypted communication, and encryption key.

Notification of Policy Changes
Sistercare reserves the right to change, modify, or add to the privacy policy. Sistercare will post changes
to the policy on the website.

Contact us
If you have questions about our privacy policy or our digital services, please contact Sistercare at PO Box
1029, Columbia, SC 29202 or
All those accessing Sistercare services also have access to our privacy statement and confidentiality
policy. For a copies of the statement and policy, please contact Sistercare at (803) 926-0505.