Campaigns and Drives

Ink Toner Recycling Fundraiser

Sistercare is excited to participate in US Recycling’s empty ink and toner cartridge fundraiser! We are seeking corporate sponsors to donate empty ink and toner cartridges on behalf of Sistercare. US Recycling will pay up to $12 for each qualified ink or toner cartridge you recycle on our behalf. We can also earn additional funds for unused ink and toner cartridges.

Visit Sistercare’s US Recycling page where you can learn more information and register!

Cell Phone Collection Program

You can contribute a used cell phone and do your part to help a survivor of domestic violence with safety.  Donated cell phones in any condition can be re-programmed to only dial 911 and given to survivors who are residing in Sistercare’s emergency shelters, participating in our community-based programs, or living in our transitional housing.  Donated cell phones can serve as a lifeline for survivors who require and benefit from another avenue for safety and protection.

Donated cell phones also can be recycled by Sistercare in an effort to raise funds which are used to provide counseling, advocacy, and a range of supportive services for adults and children who are experiencing interpersonal violence.

Many Sistercare supporters choose to collect used cell phones for Sistercare through used cell phone drives at work, clubs, churches or other organizations.  Used cell phones may be delivered to Sistercare’s administrative office between the hours of 8:30 am and 5:00 pm on Monday through Friday.  Please call (803) 926-0505 for the location.  Your contribution of a used cell phone can be a meaningful way to help a survivor of domestic violence and to give hope.