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“If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be here anymore, and my kids would not have their mother anymore. Your organization brought us safety and peace and gave us a new life.”

“Sistercare is an amazing resource for victims of domestic violence. From the beginning to the end, and beyond, they have helped by giving me the tools I needed to lead an independent life. I will forever be grateful for the support Sistercare showed me and my son during the most terrifying and uncertain days of our lives.”

“I want you to know you have been my hero by taking me in and making me feel right at home.”

“I reached out to Sistercare on a leap of faith, and I spoke with a representative. I immediately felt a different kind of relief and peace. They were able to help in ways specific to my crisis and to me and my family’s needs. No other organization was able to give me this kind of help and reassurance. They have given me hope that I have not received anywhere else.”

“Without judgment they opened their doors, arms, and hearts, allowing me to do what I needed to do. They showed me how to find the courage and love within myself to move forward and not once would they take credit for all they had done for me. Sistercare gives me a sense of worth, value and trust, reminding me that things are only things, and my home comes from within.”

“I had nothing and knew no one. Sistercare became my family. They gave me the strength to face the unknown and overcome my fears of trying to make it on my own.”

“Sistercare was there as a beacon of light in a dark void where you feel so alone.”

“I was a resident of Sistercare as a seven-year-old over ten years ago. I just wanted to say thank you for everything your program did for me. I came into the house a terrified child, not knowing what was going to happen to my family, my home, or my life. I have to admit that while staying at a shelter is never a positive thing, I only associate comfort with the home. I thought you guys would like to know that the children’s program has a long-lasting effect on the children it cares for.”

“I was a guest there along with my mom, brother, and sister. Thanks for the help when we needed it. Since then, I have started my own business, my brother works in IT, and my sister will be graduating in December, as a nurse. My mom has been teaching for years. Thank you!”

Sistercare’s Mission

Sistercare’s mission is to reduce the occurrence and impact of domestic violence in the Midlands.

Our Philosophy of Service

Sistercare’s philosophy is to empower survivors of domestic violence and their children to live free of intimate partner violence; become educated about domestic violence; be able to make informed decisions; take responsibility for themselves and their children; and achieve self-sufficiency. This philosophy is applied by offering survivors of domestic violence and their children a range of supportive, trauma-informed services.                   

Board of Directors

Angela Leon
State of SC Client Director – Microsoft

Stacey Whitfield


Dr. Sandra Brossard
District Level Educational Administrator

Boyd J. Phillips
General Manager – Crisp Rentals

Katie Moore
Songbird Cafe Co-Chair
Financial Services

Jamie Scott
Entrepreneur – Fitness Operator

Brittany Stuckey
Vice President
Vice President – Southern Way Catering

Tyler Bailey
Civil Rights Attorney

Haley Floyd
Songbird Cafe Co-Chair

Dr. Nada Goodrum
Postdoctoral Fellow, MUSC

Laurie Walden
Legislative Aide, SC House of Representatives

Jasmine Smith


Dr. Tasha Boone
Family Medicine Physician

Divya Reddy

Madonna Farray

Neshunda Walters
School Administrator – Principal

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